Who are we?

Victorian Bus Inspections may be a new name to you, but we have been around for over 35 years, under the name of Peninsula Diesel Repairs. We have been Heavy Vehicle Roadworthy inspectors for 15+ years and Light & Heavy Bus Inspectors for 6 years. Our busy truck & bus workshop is located in Mornington where we count many of the largest companies on the Peninsula as our clients.

We have found since purchasing our portable roller brake tester 2 years ago that there is a need in the bus industry for an alternative option for Bus Annual Inspections throughout Victoria. We have spent the last 2 years finetuning our processes in collaboration with our clients & Vicroads to be ready to offer you an excellent service for your Annual Bus Inspections onsite Victoria Wide.

Does my bus require an annual inspection?

What is a bus annual inspection?

The Bus Annual Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a bus’s condition and safety features, mandated by law for all accredited bus operators. This essential inspection is conducted annually to ensure that the bus adheres to required safety standards.

Our team of qualified Heavy & Light bus Inspectors meticulously follow a digital checklist to perform these inspections. The items they check include:

The primary aim of the bus annual inspection is to identify any potential issues or faults that could compromise the safety of passengers, drivers, and other road users. By conducting these regular inspections, both authorities and bus operators collaborate to ensure that buses on the road are safe, well-maintained, and fully compliant with applicable regulations. This collective effort significantly reduces the risk of accidents, safeguarding public safety.

Bus's interior machine
Bus inspection by Victorian Bus Inspection's mechanics

What is a bus quarterly inspection?

The Bus Quarterly Inspection is a regularly scheduled maintenance check performed on buses every three months or 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Its primary objective is to ensure the continued safety, reliability, and adherence to regulations. These inspections are mandated by law for all accredited bus operators, ensuring that the buses meet the required safety standards.

Our team of qualified mechanics conducts these inspections, meticulously following a digital checklist to examine and address any emerging issues since the previous inspection. The items checked during the inspection include:

The primary goal of these quarterly inspections is to proactively identify and address any potential issues, ensuring that your bus remains safe, reliable, and compliant with applicable standards.

As part of the service, Victorian Bus Inspections will provide you with a detailed digital report, including photos or videos of any items recorded as monitor/fail. This allows your mechanic to easily rectify these issues before the next inspection, ensuring the continuous safety and compliance of your bus.

What if I do not agree with an item that has been failed?

Occasionally, you might come across items on your bus annual report that you disagree with.
We understand that these situations can occur, and to address them, we have implemented a straightforward review process:

  1. Simply complete our online Failed Items Review Request.
  2. Once received, we will arrange for a second inspector, who was not involved in the initial inspection, to get in touch with you and thoroughly review the item in question.
  3. If, after the review, the item is still deemed a fail, it will still be reported. However, through this thorough review process, you will gain a better understanding of why the item failed.
  4. On the other hand, if the item is deemed a pass after the review, we will update our reporting to Transport Safety Victoria so that the initial fail is not reflected against your bus.

We believe in transparency and fairness, and this review process ensures that any discrepancies or misunderstandings regarding failed items are addressed appropriately.
Your passengers safety is our priority, and we aim to provide you with a clear and accurate evaluation of your bus.

Confused man reading phone with difficulties

Licenced site

Victorian Bus Inspections are currently looking to expand our licenced site network across Victoria. These sites are approved by Vicroads & added to our Bus Inspection licence. Once approved we are then able to come to you to complete your Annual Bus Inspections.

Each site must meet the following requirements:

  • Heavy Bus – 20 Tonne hoists
  • Light Bus – 5 Tonne Hoists
  • Signage for unauthorised persons prohibited from entering workshop areas.
  • Vehicles have adequate room to manoeuvre in the workshop.
  • A first aid kit is present, maintained, accessible and staff trained.
  • All exits are clear and accessible.
  • Fire extinguishers are provided, serviced every six months and accessible.
  • Electrical leads are tested and tagged every six months in the workshop.
  • All lifting and holding equipment (i.e. trolley jacks, vehicle stands) has a safe Working Load (SWL) label with a designated weight as per the manufacturers’ specification.
  • All lifting and holding equipment (i.e. trolley jacks, vehicle stands) has a safe Working Load (SWL) label with a designated weight as per the manufacturers’ specification.
  • Vehicle hoists are serviced annually or at lessor intervals in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the service records are kept.
  • A daily pre-operational inspection of vehicle hoists is conducted and documented issues identified and resolved.
  • Vehicle hoists have locking arms and safety locks to prevent a vehicle fall.
  • Minimum 600mm clearance provided between hoists and other equipment.
  • The workshop floor is free of slip and trip hazards so far as reasonably practicable.
  • Spill kit provided and fluid spills cleaned up immediately.

If you meet these requirements, we would love to work with you to
establish a new licenced site. You can complete our site licence
interest form here:


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